Carpet Repair in MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Carpet wrinkles are a common problem in homes because of either poor installation or because of dragging heavy furniture across the floor one too many times. This can cause a safety hazard for everyone but especially to older ones and kiddos. The residents of Minneapolis, MN has a friend they can call on for all their carpet repair needs. Carpet Stretch and Rescue is able to stretch your carpet back to its original beauty. Whether you have a tear, balding, or a stain that you can’t remove then call the professionals today!

We preform these miracles by carpet patching and stretching. When it comes to wrinkles we use different types of carpet stretchers depending on the subfloor. After stretching your carpet, we put a lifetime guarantee on our work because of how confident we are in our workmanship. Carpet patching is another one of those miracles that people call for the most because here at carpet stretch and rescue we can make those stains disappear by replacing it with a new patch. This also includes carpet balding and tears that your wonderful pets might create.

Our joy is bringing back the beauty of your home no matter what trouble you may be having with your carpet. Call us today for a free estimate!

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