Carpet Patching

To patch a hole, tear, or stain we will need some of the same carpeting. We can use a remnant of the same carpet if you have some stored somewhere or we can often times take a piece from an area that would be easier to replace with a different piece of carpet such asfrom a closet or other place that is not normally seen by many.

When a carpet repair is done, remember that the area that needs patched has been exposed to more traffic and sunlight, therefore, the new piece of carpet may be a different shade. The best way to see how visible the patch may be is to lay a piece of the carpet remnant next to the area where the patch will go. Even if there is a noticeable difference, the carpet through time will look closer to the rest of the carpet. Also, a professional cleaning may help with the carpet color difference. Whether there is a difference of color or notbetween the patch and the rest of the carpet, the fact is, it will look better than the tear, hole, or stain, on the carpet now. At Carpet Stretch and Rescue we do our very best to revive your carpet to look its very best, looking as good as new and as close to the way your carpet looked before the damage was done.

Every patch is different and without seeing the damaged carpet and patch that needs to be done an exact estimate cannot be given over the phone. A basic idea of what a repair may cost can be given though. For an approximate estimate call us on the phone or send us an e-mail. For an accurate estimate an in-home/onsite estimate can be arranged.

When you call or e-mail Carpet Stretch and Rescue, be prepared to answer the following questions:

What size is the area that needs to be repaired or patched?

How many lineal feet of seaming do you think will be necessary?*

Do you have a piece of the same carpet that can be used for the repair?

What style is the carpet that needs repaired? (Berber, Plush, Frieze)

Will you need new padding under the area to be patched?

Pricing depends on how large of an area that will need to be patched and how many lineal feet will be involved. Measure how big of a square patch that will be needed to replace the damaged carpeted area.

*For example, if you need a 3 foot x 3 foot patch, that would be equal to 12 lineal feet of seaming (3 foot multiplied by 4 sides of the square equals 12).

Smaller patches range from $40-$80 and larger patches range from $100-$200. We do a minimum charge of $200-$250. Therefore, if you have a small patch that needs fixing we will charge a minimum of $200-$250, depending on your location, to make the trip out to do the repair.

We move furniture at no additional charge, with the exception of unusually large/heavy pieces of furniture. When we do move furniture out of the way please move any valuables, electronics, computers, lamps, etc. on or in the furniture to a location where we will not be working.

We are so confident in our workmanship that we back our work with a “Lifetime of Your Existing Carpet” written guarantee.*

*certain conditions and exclusions may apply

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