Carpet Repair in Oakdale, MN

Have you been planning some home improvements projects for your home? Generally, one of the first things to go in the home is the flooring. Carpet is among the types of flooring that is on the top of the list to get rid of. Carpet looks beautiful and feels nice but as foot traffic becomes heavy over the years it can look worn down. On top of that as you move the furniture around to change things or bring in heavy items into the home, you typically drag it across the floor. This can cause the carpet to wrinkle. If this happens though, Carpet Stretch and Rescue is the friend you can call for help in Oakdale, MN.

We can save you some money by making your carpet look new at only a fraction of the cost. Carpet Stretch and Rescue can stretch your carpet back to the beauty that is was before. We provide you with great customer service while on the job. Our skills aren’t limited to stretching your carpet but we also can do carpet patching for those stains that won’t come out like burns. We can even replace some padding and carpet that your beloved animal happens to keep peeing on.

Call us today for all your carpet repair needs! We provide free home estimates so that you know exactly what you’re getting when care for your carpet.

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