Carpet Repair

Our repair solutions will take care of many different areas of issues you have. At Carpet Stretch and Rescue we do not approach our work with a “get it done cheap and fast” approach. We use the latest and greatest tools and techniques to ensure that the highest quality of repair is performed and that the results are enduring. Do not worry though; carpet repair is very affordable compared to a full carpet installation. Look below and you fill find a small summary of some of the repair services we offer.

Pricing is subject to the type of carpet you have and the size of the repair. Available remnant pieces for patches will also play a factor. We cannot give you an exact pricing online but feel free to call us at 651-707-2230 or fill out the form on the right for a ballpark quote on your specific repair needs. Rest assured whatever the carpet problem we can fix it!

Carpet Stretching

Ripples in your carpet? To the rescue! With our expertise and the right tools we can get rid of the bumps and lumps in your carpet. Stretching a carpet the right way involves using a power stretcher which will stretch your carpet until it is tightened firmly. We rarely use knee kickers because the results are not long lasting. In most cases the best solution is a power stretcher. When done properly wrinkles should disappear for years, and that is backed by our lifetime guarantee. Click here to learn more about how carpet stretching can remove carpet ripples from your life.

Carpet Patching

Often times a repair will include some type of carpet patching. Using the best techniques we can take care of bleach stains, carpet burns, pet damage and many other carpet problems. Patching does take great skill; we will need to cut out a piece of carpet precisely to fit the damage area properly. We do carry various sizes of pad should it be needed but the best carpet for your patch will be remnant from you original installation. We can also take from a hidden area for smaller patches. Sealing the patch takes skill, experience and patience. Click here to learn more about our carpet patching techniques.

Service Areas

Our primary service areas include the Minneapolis/twin cities area as well as Wisconsin. These areas include but are not limited to:

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