Carpet Stretching

How much will it cost to have my carpeting re-stretched?

As you can imagine, it is hard to provide someone with a firm price quote to repair something if you haven’t had the chance to look at, evaluate and see what will be involved.

Thus here on this website, we will try and give you a basic idea of what a repair may cost you, but we would much rather give you an approximate estimate over-the-phone or via email, and later a more accuratein-home/onsite estimate prior to starting any work.

When you call or email us, be prepared to answer a few questions like the following:

We charge .50 cents a square foot to re-stretch a room.

To figure the square footage of a room, measure the width of a room and take it times the length of the room.

As an example, the average bedroom is 12 feet wide by 12 feet long, so we would take 12’ X 12’ and we come up with 144 square feet. If you take 144’ X .50 you come up with around $72 to re-stretch the bedroom. Additional costs would be cutting open any doorway seams to do the job correctly, or patching any areas where we may have pulled the carpeting short, like a hole that is cut out of the carpet where there is a vent in the floor, or perhaps an outlet in the floor. Please keep in mind that if you have several rooms that need re-stretched we would likely give you a package price to re-stretch everything that needs attention.

Hallways and steps can cost more than the square footage because they often involve more work.

We do have a minimum charge of $200-$250, depending on your location. This means that if all you need is a small patch, or one room re-stretched, we will charge you a minimum of $200.00 to make the trip out to do the repair for you. We cover the entire Twin Cities Metro, however our minimum may be higher depending on where you are located.

Often times, a customer will ask if furniture is an issue when re-stretching the carpet. This can depend on the situation. For instance is the area you need repaired on a concrete or wood subfloor (or upstairs, or in the basement)? How heavy is the furniture? The layout of the room and whether it is attached to hallways or a set of steps can be huge factor as well.

If the room has wood subfloor, we will need about 4 feet from the wall we are stretching towards. This means that we can slide the furniture out 4 feet from the wall and stretch the carpeting, and then place it back when we are done. Often times, in this situation, since the furniture only needs moved away from the wall a few feet, we can move the furniture at no additional charge, with the exception of unusually large/heavy pieces of furniture. If we are moving furniture out of the way in the problem area however, we ask that you please move any valuables, electronics, computers, knick knacks, lamps, misc, to a safe location, as we do not move these items.

If the room is on concrete or in the basement,we will need to extend pipes from one wall to the other to stretch the carpet. We still can work with some furniture in the room, but if it is full of furniture, we may likely need to move some out of the room. This can incur additional costs if you need us to move it. Again we kindly ask that you move any valuables, electronics, computers, knick knacks, lamps, misc to a safe location if we will be moving any furniture.

We are confident enough in our workmanship that we back it with a “Lifetime of your existing carpet” written guarantee.*

*certain conditions and exclusions may apply

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