Carpet Repair in Stillwater, MN

There are many different troubles that occur on your carpet over time. As the years go by carpet can bald, get torn, or wrinkle. One day you may be walking and then out of nowhere your carpet comes out catches your foot causing you to trip. Most people will look at it and choose to get their carpet replaced with something new and different. This can be costly though. Carpet Stretch and Rescue has a different option for those who want to save their money for the residents of Stillwater, MN.

There are different reasons why carpet wrinkles, one of the many being humidity. The humidity causes the carpet to swell with the changing seasons. This isn’t always the reason though. It can also be a result of the carpet being installed improperly. Whatever the cause may be, we are able to fix it by simply stretching your carpet and fastening it down the correct way.

We do more than just carpet stretching though. We also do carpet patching to remove balding or stains that just won’t come out no matter how many times that you try. If you want to save money and make your carpet look new again call us today!

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