Carpet Repair in Eagan, MN

When buying or selling a home there is always a question of whether you should replace the carpet. This can certainly increase the value of your home, but it is often an expensive venture. There is a less expensive way to get your carpet in shape when getting it ready to sell or getting it ready for your family to move in. Carpet Stretch and Rescue can help you with all your carpet repair needs here in Eagan, MN. There are two main ways that we are able to help your carpet look new again.

Carpet stretching is the best way to save money on carpet that has formed wrinkles. This can happen due to a number of reasons, one being dragging heavy items across your carpet. Another reason this happens is because of incorrect carpet installation. When we stretch carpets, it isn’t just about getting wrinkles out, but it can also be about putting the carpet back where it should be. This means that when your carpet doesn’t come up to the transition seam we can stretch it so that it does. The second way we repair carpets is by carpet patching. This is to make those stains you seem like they never happened. This also includes pet damage and carpet balding. There is nothing that we can’t repair with a carpet stretcher or carpet patching.

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