Carpet Repair in Apple Valley, MN

If you’re looking at your carpet and thinking that maybe it’s time to replace it consider there might be a much cheaper solution. Carpet Stretch and Rescue has just the solution for the residence of Apple Valley, MN. You may have had the carpets cleaned to see if that would help but to no avail there are still stains that just won’t come out. There is nothing more frustrating than working on a stain spot that won’t come out.

Carpet Stretch and Rescue can get those stains out of your carpet. We can perform carpet patching on your carpet. You might be wondering how that will fix the stain. There are some stains that can’t come out such as burns but that doesn’t mean that your carpet can’t be helped. With carpet patching we are able to take an extra piece of carpet or take it from an inconspicuous part of your home and place it in the area that the stain is in. We make sure to make it look seamless. You won’t be able to tell that a piece of carpet was removed and replaced with another piece of carpet.

Call us today for any carpet repairs that you need! We also do carpet stretching for when you have wrinkles in your carpet.

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