Carpet Repair in Hastings, MN

If your carpet is starting to bald, you might be wondering if it is time to replace your carpet. However, this is something that many people must save up for as it is not cheap. There is a cheaper solution to make sure that your carpet not only looks good but is easy on your wallet. Carpet Stretch and Rescue provides you with the solutions that will help the residence of Hastings, MN to accomplish this. There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to carpet repair needs.

Carpet patching is a highly important job that we preform for those with stains they can’t get out or burns that have happened to the carpet. However, this is also needed when your carpet starts to bald. Many people think that balding on your carpet can’t be fixed. We can take extra carpet from the install or carpet from an inconspicuous part in the home and then we cut out the balding spot, replacing it with the other patch. This other patch is full of fibers as it should be. We don’t just do carpet patching though. Carpet Stretch and Rescue also does carpet stretching with make sure there are no wrinkles for you to trip on.

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