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Giving your existing carpeting some much needed attention, and bringing it back to life, can save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars!

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Before and After Gallery

A Little History about the Owner of Carpet Stretch and Rescue

Starting Carpet Stretch and Rescue comes from my strong background in carpet repair. I started installing carpeting over 30years ago. Over half of that time has been right here in the Twin Cities area. I have done a lot of work for several stores in the metro, most that are still in business today. I didn’t just install carpeting; I installed every sort of flooring from carpeting to linoleum and vinyl sheet goods, as well as vinyl and ceramic tile. Laminated floors came on the scene in this country over 20years ago, and I started installing it as well. I did this in many different settings, both residentially and commercially.

I have had several "helpers" as we call them, or apprentices work with me through the years. A few of those apprentices are still on the scene today, running their own businesses, installing floors of all sorts, almost every day. This includes my son Zach. Since he was a young teenager he has been working with his dad or his uncles who are also in the business.

Me however, I went on a mission to work smarter, and not harder. I am not getting any younger, and it is time to slow down, and take it easier on my body. I am tired of carrying heavy rolls of carpeting and padding around, and tired of driving a large vehicle around that can haul them. So, I started thinking, "how can I still use the knowledge and the skill set I have to support myself and my family, but work smarter?"

Over the years we have noticed there has always been a need. There are a large number of people out there that are not quite ready or in a position to replace their existing carpeting. However their carpeting is in much need of some serious attention! IS THAT YOU? Does YOUR carpeting need some TLC? Does it have stains that won’t come out even with a professional cleaning or two? It might be that your carpeting has tears or snags from the pet going crazy, or from a mishap moving the furniture. Do you have wrinkles everywhere that are getting bad enough you almost trip over them?

Maybe you are thinking of selling the house, but you really don’t want to invest in new carpeting for someone else to live on. In other words, you really need a carpet medic to help revive your carpeting back to life. Carpet Stretch and Rescue will help you do just that. You may not need new carpeting if your existing carpeting can be re-stretched and then professionally cleaned, or that hole can be patched and made to look as good as new. Revived!

Giving your existing carpeting some much needed attention, and bringing it back to life, can save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on new carpeting, and I would love to help you do that! We are confident enough in our workmanship that we back it with a “Lifetime of your existing carpet” written guarantee.*

*certain conditions and exclusions may apply

Call us at 651-707-2230 for a quote or to schedule a repair today!
- Randy Randall

Whatever the carpet problem, we can fix it!

Our repair solutions will take care of many different areas of issues you have. At Carpet Stretch and Rescue we do not approach our work with a “get it done cheap and fast” approach. We use the latest and greatest tools and techniques to ensure that the highest quality of repair is performed and that the results are enduring.

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