When to Repair Carpet and When to Replace It

When to Repair Carpet and When to Replace It

Things degrade over time. That goes for everything in your home. Afterall, your house is not a museum. It is meant to be lived in. That being said, one of the items in your home that is bound to show signs of wear and tear over time is carpeting. Not all carpet woes need to be solved by replacement, however. Sometimes a much simpler, cheaper option can restore your carpeted areas to like new condition. Here are a few examples where carpet repair is the best course of action.

Burns and Stubborn Stains

Has your carpet sustained damage from cigarette burns or fallen candles? Are there wax remnants that just won’t come out? Maybe there’s an ever-present reminder of a glass of wine that was spilled directly onto the carpet. Whatever the case may be, eyesores like these do not have to signal the end for your carpeting. Instead, you can hire out a service called carpet patching. Carpet patching is where a technician comes in and cuts the burnt or stained piece of carpet directly out of the surface. Once that piece is removed, it can be replaced with what is known as a donor piece. A donor piece is a patch that is an exact or near exact match for your existing carpeting. The best places to source a donor piece is from leftovers you may have stored away or from an inconspicuous place, such as the back of a closet. If the donor cannot be sourced from either of these places, most carpet repair companies will carry some as well. It may not be an exact match, but it will be close enough to not notice on a day to day basis.

Wrinkles, Buckles, and Lines

Have you tripped over parts of your carpeting on multiple occasions? If you have children or elderly ones in your household, this can be quite dangerous. Not to mention the fact that it is just unpleasant to see. But the good news is that even wrinkles and buckles can be removed with repair services. Carpet stretching is another service that can save you a lot of money compared to replacement. When your carpet is stretched, a technician will use either knee kickers or a power stretcher to re-install your carpeting as tightly as possible. This process will remove wrinkles and discourage new ones from forming as well.

Severe Damage

For more extreme carpet damage, carpet replacement may be your best option. Examples of when this could be that case include, carpet that has undergone severe damage from flooding or fire. Just remember, small scale eyesores can be more cost effective to repair, while large scale ones are likely best suited for replacement.

If you find that your carpet could benefit from carpet repair, reach out to Carpet Stretch and Rescue. We offer free estimates!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 12-5-2022


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