Pets and Your Carpet

Pets and Your Carpet

Homes are the heart of all the family which include your furry little creatures both cats and dogs. This can cause a lot of foot traffic or should we say paw traffic. Especially if you have an animal that gets very hyped up and starts running around in circles throughout the house. This can make your carpet very unappealing to the eye. This isn’t just the only trouble pets might give you when it comes to your carpet. They can dig at your carpet because of boredom or anxiety causing holes. What can you do about the paw traffic and holes in your carpet? Carpet Stretch and Rescue is your leading carpet repair company that can preform carpet patches that look seamless and stretching that will help your carpet look like it was when it was first installed.

Paw Traffic

When it comes to paw traffic carpet can look worn down and dirty. The best solution for this is to get your carpets cleaned. However, there are cases where over the course of time, especially if you have a bigger dog that likes to run around, can cause wrinkles in your carpet. When that happens, you want to make sure that you call us to stretch your carpets so that they are like new again. And then afterwards you’ll want to have them cleaned if there is a lot of foot or paw traffic on them.


Often there are holes found in the home where a family left the dogs during the day. This can be due to separation anxiety or boredom. There are a couple of different things that will help you when you are faced with these types of problems. For boredom there are a lot of different options that you’re able to go with to help occupy your dog. Bones and chew toys will help your dog keep occupied if you must leave the house for a little. What if you have cats though?

Cats can cause just as bad of holes. Take notice of where the holes are in your home to be able to distinguish why your cat is scratching at your carpet. If you see that it is at some type of angle like on a stair then their natural instincts are kicking in. Cats have an instinct to sharpen their claws. If you don’t have a scratching post of some kind they will take it out on your carpet or furniture. The best solution is to go out and buy one. The next area that is common to find cat scratching in the carpet is at the door jam. A simple solution is to let your cats in the room but if that is not an option then getting a carpet scratch stopper will do the trick.

We love our precious animals, but they can cause us a little bit of trouble from time to time when it comes to carpet. Your carpet doesn’t have to keep the wrinkles and holes in them. Carpet Stretch and Rescue can make your home look beautiful again and restore your carpet to its original beauty. Call us today for a free home estimate!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 7-25-2018


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