Do You Have Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are nasty little things that you want to avoid at all costs. How do you get them though? How do you know if you already have them? How do you get rid of them? These are important questions to avoid the problem but also eradicate them if they ever come into the homes. Carpet Stretch and Rescue knows the troubles that can come with having carpet.

How do you get them?

They often come in from outside through cracks in the siding of your home or hitch a ride on your plants that you’re bringing inside for the winter. So, you’re going to want to take some precautions before you bring your lovely plants inside. Take a moment to see if you can find little beetles or their shells around or in the plant pot. When it comes to the cracks in your homes, it’s good to get those fixed for many different reasons.

How do you know if you already have them?

The same way you’d see if they were in the plant pot you’d look for them in your home. So, looking for little fecal pellets and shed skins around the floor. This is a common sign. One of the biggest signs though that you have an infestation is that they eat and destroy your carpet. If you’re starting to notice your carpet start to fray and wear at an exponential rate where there is the least amount of foot traffic, then you might have a problem.

How do you get rid of them?

If you have kids or pets you’re probably not inclined to use chemicals because of the harm that they pose to your health. So, what is a natural way to get rid of these pests? There are many different natural options that you can use to get rid of these vicious little things. One natural way to get rid of them is by using a good cedar essential oil. By making a water and oil spray you can apply it to all the infested areas. Make sure to vacuum every day for a week while applying the oil mixture. Using this oil around the doors and windows to help prevent any more from coming in. Doing this will help to remove them and prevent them from coming in.

Taking care of your carpet can be difficult at times but is well worth the effort. Carpet beetles are little pests that you want to make sure never come into the home but if they do then just follow the steps to get rid of them. Carpet Stretch and Rescue cares about your carpet. We can perform carpet stretching and patching making your carpet look like new. We give free home estimates so give us a call today!

By Capet Stretch and Rescue 11-15-2017


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