3 Ways That Your Carpet Could Be Incorrectly Installed

3 Ways That Your Carpet Could Be Incorrectly Installed

Since we at Carpet Stretch and Rescue know the signs of an improperly installed carpet, we want to share them with you. We will let you know what to know when installing carpet or what to look for when having carpet professionally installed. These tips will help you make an informed decision when selecting a carpet installer.

Carpet Installer Using Incorrect Equipment

A power stretcher is an essential tool for any carpet installer. This particular tool used during carpet installation stretches to both sides of the room. It is essential when stretching long lengths of carpet for large spaces. The elongated device attaches to one side of the carpet and applies pressure with its levered handle, stretching it tautly across the room's expanse. Other carpet installers may opt for a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher. The knee kicker, a smaller tool, braces against the installer's knees and is ideal for smaller spaces of around 10ftx10ft. However, using a knee kicker in a large area will result in ripples since the carpet is not well stretched out tight. The power stretcher is the best and most appropriate tool for large-space carpet installation. This means you should look for a carpet installer using a power stretcher during installation, especially in more than 10ftx10ft.

Improper Padding Installation

A proper carpet installation is complete when the carpet and padding are well-fitted. Improper padding installation can be the culprit behind lumps and ripples in your flooring surface after installation. To diagnose what needs fixing, carefully grip the middle of the carpet and lift it. If it rises an inch or more, that likely indicates problems with the carpets' fitment. On the other hand, if there is no raise when tugging on it from its center point, the padding underneath is the issue. It needed to be correctly laid out, which makes for an uneven foundation where even top-quality carpets won't lie flat.

Additional Signs of Problems

After the selection and purchase of your preferred carpet choice, installation should be of utmost concern. Carefully look at the section where the wall meets the carpet. This area will tell you a lot about whether it was installed correctly by skilled workers. Straight edges with no frayed bits, bumps, or ripples are critical indicators that proper care has been taken in its placement. When looking for a carpet installation company, read online views, check out what equipment they use, and whether the company is certified. If, unfortunately, you have already experienced an improper installation, don't worry. Call Carpet Stretch and Rescue for frayed edges, patches, and stretching repairs.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 2-16-2023


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