Choosing Carpet Padding

Choosing Carpet Padding

Deciding what carpet material and color you want in your space is an important step, but the padding you choose to go underneath it is just as important to consider. For many, carpet padding is a mere afterthought. But it shouldn’t be! The thickness and quality of the padding you choose will greatly influence the comfort and longevity that your carpets will display. Here’s what you should consider when choosing this important carpet component.

Is Padding Necessary?

Carpet material does play a part in how comfortable the flooring is underfoot, but the largest contributing factor to comfort is actually your padding. Your padding absorbs the impact of your feet as you are walking, softening loads on your joints. Padding also works to absorb sounds. This way, noises that travel from room to room are reduced. Another factor that padding assists with is insulation. It works well to manage and maintain the temperature inside your home. Comfort, noise, and temperature combined, it's easy to see that padding is indeed necessary.

How to Choose Padding

As far as thickness goes, this will depend on where the carpet is going. Higher traffic areas may not require the same level of padding thickness as a bedroom or living room. Commercial buildings and hallways usually need a thinner pad. But those areas where you want a higher level of comfort, opt for a thicker pad. Some of the most common padding constructions include bonded foam, prime foam, frothed foam, memory foam, and fiber. Bonded foam is the most common padding that is installed. Prime foam is a nice budget option. Frothed foam is very durable and long lasting. And memory foam is a great choice for your living rooms and bedrooms.

So, the next time you are having your carpet replaced, give proper attention to the padding that will go underneath. Doing so will ensure that your carpets perform as you wish them to.

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By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 3-7-2022


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