How to Fight Moldy Carpets This Winter

How to Fight Moldy Carpets This Winter

When moisture becomes trapped in your carpeting for prolonged periods of time, the odds of mold developing increase exponentially. Signs of mold are generally marked by potent, musty odors and patches of white, gray, or green spores. Mold is both unsightly and smelly, and it can also present a general health threat to those nearby. If you've got moldy carpets that have proven difficult to tackle, these are some tips you can immediately try.

Improve the Airflow in Your Home

Generally, mold growth is accelerated when air in a confined space is warm and still. Ensuring that the room in question is receiving an adequate amount of airflow is a key factor in preventing or warding off mold. Be sure to keep fans running and windows open in a room with moldy carpets.

Regulate the Temperature

When warm air becomes stagnant in a confined space, the conditions become extremely favorable for the growth of mold. Conditions can become even more favorable during the winter months when furnaces and other heat sources are running full time. Try to lower the temperature in the room that is experiencing mold problems to a comfortable, but significantly lower level in order to ward off and prevent mold.

Reduce Humidity

As you probably already know, humidity is a very large contributing factor to the growth of mold. In fact, it's why carpeting that is in or near bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms has a much higher likelihood of developing mold. Consider using a dehumidifier and eliminating as much moisture from these spaces as possible.

Consider Your Carpeting

It might come as a surprise that carpeting type can also play a role in the growth of mold. By design, certain carpet materials and styles retain more moisture than others, which directly can improve the odds of mold developing. Be sure to keep this in mind if you plan on replacing your carpets soon.

If your carpeting has fallen victim to mold growth and damage, you might be feeling overwhelmed or even helpless against it. Fortunately, our experts at Carpet Stretch and Rescue can assess your carpet's level of mold presence and help you formulate an action plan to effectively banish it from your home. Our carpet patching services are especially useful when dealing with severe cases of mold. Give us a call today!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 1-5-2022


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