Signs of a Poor Carpet Installation

Signs of a Poor Carpet Installation

Unfortunately, not all carpet installers will do a good job. We know this because the Carpet Stretch & Rescue team is often contacted in order to fix installer errors. How does an improper carpet installation present itself and what are the signs of a job not so well done? We’re going to discuss that here today.

The Padding is Not Laid Well

If you have lumps and bumps in your carpet, the root of the problem may be what’s underneath. You can test to see if the carpet is the culprit by going to the middle of the room and attempting to lift the carpet. If it raises more than an inch, the carpet itself is the problem. If the carpet is taught though, the problem lies with your padding. Having a smooth foundation for your carpet to lay on is vital to creating a satisfying finished product. An experienced installer will know how to install your carpet padding well.

They Use Inferior Equipment

When researching carpet installers, it’s important to inquire as to what kind of equipment they use. Some carpet installers still use the inferior knee kicker to assist them. Knee kickers rely on the individual's strength to pin down the carpet. On the other hand, a power stretcher uses the strength behind the machine to do the job. This allows the carpet to be stretched as tightly as possible. A power stretcher will look like a large jack, whereas knee kickers resemble knee pads.

Some other signs of poor installation are frayed edges where the carpet meets the wall, ripples, and misaligned seams.

Perhaps you just moved into a home and did not have a choice in which company installed your carpet. If you have noticed signs that the carpet was not installed properly, give us at Carpet Stretch & Rescue a call. Our trained team is equipped with experience and the best tools. We can help your carpet be the best it can be.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 9-8-2021


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