What to Know About Carpet Padding

What to Know About Carpet Padding

Choosing the right carpet style for your home is important. You need something that fits your aesthetic and will stand the test of time. But comfort is also an important factor when making a carpet selection and a large contributing factor to how comfy your carpet is coming down to your padding. Here are some things you should know when it comes to choosing carpet padding.

Is Carpet Padding Even Important?

The short answer is, yes. Padding falls into a category that many other things in your home do. Things that do big important jobs, but are not fun to look at, like your plumbing. Carpet padding makes walking on carpet comfortable. It is the barrier between rock solid concrete and your feet. It absorbs the impact of each step you take, cushioning those shuffling around above. It also is a great insulator. Meaning that you can stay comfortable without having to fight with your thermostat, resulting in lower energy bills. And on top of that, padding is great at absorbing sound.

How Thick Should Padding Be?

Generally, the thicker the padding, the higher the comfort level. A good baseline is half an inch of thickness, and anything thicker than that is great. For hallways and commercial buildings, you can usually get away with a thinner padding. But bedrooms and living rooms are generally places you do not want to skimp on padding thickness. Afterall, you want these spaces to be comfortable and cozy.

What Are My Options?

There are many padding options available today, which is why we want to help make sense of it all here in this article. Now that you know the importance of padding and a general rule of thickness, now you can decide what is best for you based on budget.

-Bonded foam padding is one of the most widely used options. It is probably what is under your carpet right now.

-Prime foam padding is a comfortable option that is relatively affordable.

-Frothed foam padding is a prime choice if durability is what you are after.

-Memory foam padding is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

-Fiber padding is the most popular commercial choice.

Padding does well to prolong the life of your actual carpet. Even still, carpet is bound to develop wrinkles or stains over time. When that happens, give Carpet Stretch and Rescue a call!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 11-4-2021


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