Is Carpet the Best Choice for You

Is Carpet the Best Choice for You

When it comes to your home there are a lot of things that you need to consider if you’re having a home built for you or if you’re doing a remodel to it. One of the biggest things that you will have to consider is the type of flooring that you will want to update your home with. There are a lot of different options as to what is the best option and why. Carpet Stretch and Rescue wants to help you make the right decision for your home. We perform many carpet repairs and stretching so when it comes to the pros and cons of flooring, we understand it all.

When considering any type of flooring you want to think about your health. Those two might not seem like they tie into each other but there is a strong connection between the two. The aspects of your health that we will consider are your joints and your immune system. If you are getting up in years, then your joints will begin to hurt more and more as the years go on. However, you can greatly reduce your joint pain in your knees just by a matter of flooring. Carpet is the best flooring when it comes to your knee joints. Due to the fact that you are walking on a padded surface and atop that you have the carpet fibers which greatly reduces the pain you will feel. If you battle with joint pain in your knees, then tile is out of the question.

The other aspect of your health that you will need to consider has to do with allergies. Carpet fibers are notorious for holding onto allergens, dust, and debris. This means that if you have a lot of problems with allergies or a compromised respiratory system you may want to pass on the carpet or at least do very little in your home. Doing this will greatly help you to keep things manageable when it comes to allergens and respiratory issues.

Wood is a good option because it allows you to have a little give when you walk, making it easier on the joints. It is also good for allergies. The only downfall to it is the fact that it is not very durable when you have a little furry creature around the house. Many of them will tend to scratch easily and take away from its beautiful look.

There are pros and cons to every type of flooring. The great thing about carpet is that it is very easy and cost effective to repair and take care of. Repairs for flooring such as tile and wood are more difficult and can often be more expensive as well. If you’re thinking about upgrading your carpet, you may not have to! A good professional cleaning and a couple of repairs can make it look brand new again. Just give us a call today if you would like a free home estimate for carpet repairs or stretching!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 3-12-2020


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