Pros and Cons to Carpet in the Bathroom

Pros and Cons to Carpet in the Bathroom

For decades, interior designers have encompassed bathrooms with many different looks. Each of these designs have been accepted to create a fashionable interior while maintaining a functioning household. Carpet in the bathroom is just one of these options that have provoked debate. Carpet Stretch and Rescue can help you decide the best choice that fits your family’s lifestyle.

Houses with carpeting that stretched into the bathroom was a popular idea from decades before. Stepping out of the shower onto a carpeted floor is a cozier option than being met with frigid tile. There are many scenarios where the idea of a blanketed floor beneath your feet sounds more ideal. When considering the safety aspect for families with elderly or younger children, the non-slip characteristics of carpet in the bathroom could be an appropriate fit. Carpet Stretch and Rescue recommends having carpet with waterproof backing that prevents damage to the subfloor.

Carpet in the bathroom does have its downsides as well. A popular reason why most people exchanged their carpet to tile or laminate wood flooring is to prevent the spread of germs. Toilets, trash cans, and sinks are a highly active area of a household. This humid environment creates an ideal area for bacteria to grow. It is likely that mold will begin to develop without frequent sanitizing and proper deep cleaning. Maintaining carpet is the most important way to promote a clean and comfortable environment.

There are many alternatives if carpet in the bathroom does not match well with your requirements. Purchasing a washable bathmat could give you that stylish look with a cozy, non- slip touch. Carpet Stretch and Rescue has many tools to keep your carpet looking clean while minimizing all the wear and tear a busy household can generate. If you notice any unpleasant stains or buckling in your carpet, we are here to help.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 2-15-2021


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