Pet Damaged Carpet

Pet Damaged Carpet

Pets have feelings and react to change just like we do. They tend to let us know how they feel by how they are acting. Sometimes they let us know by having an accident on the carpet or tearing up part of the carpet completely. These are costly outbursts. However, Carpet Stretch and Rescue is here to save the day. We are able to fix that pee spot your cat keeps returning to and that damaged part of the carpet your dog seemed to claw up. What if you could prevent that from happening though? There are many things that can help prevent your animal from acting up. Here are a few tips for both cats and dogs that will help you to stop the behavior quickly if it starts.


Dogs are there waiting at the door for their owner to come home. You seem to be their life; their world and the truth is you are. When there is a change, they aren’t getting enough exercise or attention they let you know in a costly way. Also, if you leave your dog home all day with nothing to do when they get bored. So, what can be done? By knowing your dog well you’ll be able to best discern what action will need to be taken. Some common solutions that will help to save your carpet are to exercise your dog every day. Get him chew toys to occupy him throughout the day for when you’re gone. If there has been some kind of change that your dog doesn’t like, make sure to spend time with him to let him know that it’s ok and that you still love them.


Cat problems and carpet often amount to one thing: urinating in the same spot. This can get frustrating because the smell of cat urine is very hard to get out even if you’ve cleaned it a million times. The best way to avoid this problem or end it quickly once it starts is to discern why your cat is doing this. Reasons such as a medical condition, behavior problems, and a change in their litter box all can be possible culprits. Knowing your cat will help you to discern what is the root of it. Of course, you want to rule out it being a medical condition first, such as a bladder infection. Then from thereyou can narrow down which reason it is: behavior problem or a change to their litter box that they don’t like.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or both they can pose a challenge and act out from time to time. Carpet can tend to take the brunt of it when that happens but your carpet doesn’t have to stay chewed, bald, or smelly. Here at Carpet Stretch and Rescue, we can repair all your carpet damages by pets or otherwise. Our job is to make your carpet look like nothing ever happened to it. We are even able to replace the pad underneath where your dog or cat has peed so that it takes away the odor completely. Call for a free estimate today!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 8-15-2017


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