What Is Frieze Carpet

What Is Frieze Carpet

Numerous issues might impact your ultimate decision when purchasing new carpeting. Factors like budgetary restraints and style preferences might render this process overwhelming and confusing. If you find yourself feeling this way, please allow the professionals at Carpet Stretch and Rescue to guide you through this effort.

In this blog, we will discuss and examine the benefits of Frieze carpeting.

Overview Of Frieze Carpeting

Frieze is like shag carpeting and is woven from long and twisted fibers. To create this strong and lasting material, fibers are twisted anywhere from three to five times. While not the most expensive type of carpeting available, Frieze is not inexpensive either. That said, the money you spend will likely yield many benefits.

Pros Of Frieze Carpeting

Frieze material possesses several strong points.

First, the product is exceptionally powerful and durable. Therefore, it can be placed in high traffic areas of a home or office and still maintain its appearance. Additionally, it is highly touted for its capacity to mask dirt and keep a clean and new look. Furthermore, it is comfortable. Individuals can tread across this material, and it is pleasant to walk over without shoes or even in bare feet.

Possible Downsides

Before purchasing Frieze carpeting, prospective owners are asked to consider several important concerns.

The flooring's design renders it more apt to accumulate deep stains from spills or pet accidents. Fortunately, however, you might be able to overcome this possible pitfall by searching out stain resistant frieze options.

Moreover, this type of carpeting is geared towards promoting a casual appearance. Ergo, if you seek a fancier, more elegant look, you are urged to explore other flooring options.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Frieze carpeting works best for active families needing comfortable but durable flooring.

Contacting Us​

If you like your current carpeting but believe it needs replacing because of wearing, stains, or dirt accumulation, please contact us first.

The team at Carpet Stretch and Rescue may be able to help before you make such a large and measurable investment. Our skilled technicians possess countless hours of experience stretching and remediating worn carpet. Moreover, we are proud to boast a solid list of satisfied customers who have used our services and marvel at how their seemingly old flooring now looks as good as new.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 10-20-2021


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