Signs You May Have Carpet Beetles

Signs You May Have Carpet Beetles

Carpet is an essential part of the home. Without it you’re left with a cold bare floor that can leave your knees and joints hurting at the end of the day. This means that it's imperative that you take care of your carpet and take the time to inspect it. Carpet Stretch and Rescue has seen a lot of different types of damage to carpet. That being so, we know the exact signs that you need to look out for when it comes to wear and tear. What you might not have known though are signs that look like wear and tear but are due to carpet beetles. Carpet Stretch and Rescue wants to go through what those signs are.

The biggest sign that you’ll see is the fact that these little bugs will cause balding spots on your carpet. When it comes to seeing this sign, it is often mistaken for wear and tear. In some cases, it is and in others it isn’t. These little beetles like to eat the fibers of your carpet until they are completely gone. This is the same with rugs as well. You’ll be able to catch them in the act if you lift the underside of the rug. If your carpet or rug isn’t old enough to start showing signs of that kind of wear and tear, then you might want to do some further investigating.

To further investigate you’ll want to look at anything that is wool. These little guys like to eat wool that hasn’t been properly washed and stored correctly. That means your nice long wool jacket may be a bit shorter the next time you pull it out. If you see that, your clothing or blankets are shrinking then you can almost guarantee you’ve got company living with you.

Just to make sure that these beetles are the culprits, take a moment to look at those little tiny spaces that collect all the pet hair and dust. If you have carpet beetles, you’ll likely find their skin shedding’s there.

If you’ve done your research and proper investigations, you’ll be able to quickly know what the next step in the process is. If you have carpet beetles, then you’ll need to get them taken care of before you can proceed with any carpet repairs. You can try vacuuming more often and making sure that your floors are super clean since they like to feed on crumbs as well. You can also get your carpets professionally cleaned in order to get up any dust a debris in your carpet. Of course, you can always go with a bug exterminator as well.

Once you’ve got the problem fixed though you can then give us a call and we will do any needed carpet repairs like patching. By performing a carpet patch test, we make sure that you’ll never be able to tell there were carpet beetles in your home to begin with! Give us a call today for a free quote!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 1-15-2020

What Causes Carpet Wrinkles

What Causes Carpet Wrinkles

Whether you have had your home for many years, or you just bought it, wrinkles can happen at any moment in your carpet’s lifespan. Carpet Stretch and Rescue has worked on several different homes to stretch the wrinkles out room by room. It would be great if they never showed up to begin with. We want to help you understand why wrinkles happen in the first place and what you can do about it when it happens.


The main reason why wrinkles happen especially if you have relatively new carpet, is because it was poorly installed. This will cause wrinkles quicker than anything else. Another reason why wrinkles will appear is due to changing humidity. The up and down humidity levels can cause your carpet to shrink and expand. Over time, wrinkles will start to develop. Regardless of how they develop, it's never a good thing to one day have your carpet seemingly out to get you, causing a tripping hazard.

What Can You Do?

Carpet Stretch and Rescue uses an effective tool called a Power Stretcher. This tool should have been used on the original installation, however if you have wrinkles there is a good chance it wasn’t, or if it was, it likely wasn’t done properly. A power stretcher allows us to get a better, more effective stretch that meets the carpet industry standards for stretched in carpet. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it wrinkling again when you allow us to stretch it this way.

If you’re in need of carpet stretching, then give us a call today! We can give you an estimate over the phone and get you scheduled today! This time of year, usually means that family is coming into town, let us help get your home ready and looking perfect! We do more than just carpet stretching though. If you happen to get some stains when company comes in town that you can’t get out, we can also do a carpet patch. This will make it look like nothing ever happened to begin with!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 1-8-2020


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