How to Dye Carpet

How to Dye Carpet

Carpet is a comforting mainstay in many American homes. But even the toughest of carpet styles can still become dingy or worn down looking over time. Did you know that you can give your carpet a fresh look by dying it? It’s true! And Carpet Stretch and Rescue is going to tell you how you can do it.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Be sure to keep in mind that dying your carpet is permanent. So, you will want to be positive about your selections before tackling this project. Another important note is that you want to purchase professional quality carpet dye and not simple fabric dye for the best results. And finally, it is important to know that these carpet dyes cannot lighten darker shades. They can only alter shades lighter than the dye you are using. To get an idea of what the finished product will look like, test a somewhat hidden area of your carpet.

Step 1

To kick things off, prepare the room by thoroughly cleaning the carpet and furniture. Then remove the baseboards. You can complete this project without removing the baseboards, but by doing so you will ensure a clean look since the dye job will extend all the way to the wall. Also take this time to tape newspaper or some sort of protective layer over the bottom edges of your walls. This will prevent staining to your walls in the case of any over spraying.

Step 2

PH imbalances in carpet are quite common. Even after cleaning things like pet urine up, your carpet may still retain an imbalance. The reason this is important to know is because if you do not fix the imbalance, your color results will be inconsistent. The solution is simple, however. You can buy a pH stabilizer kit from the same source as your carpet dye. Once you apply the kit, you will be ready to apply the dye.

Step 3

To dye your carpet, you will need a bucket, a paint sprayer, and a soft bristle brush. Take the bucket and mix the dye according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, funnel the dye into the paint sprayer. Start in the back corner of the room working towards your exit route so that you do not get stuck and risk ruining your application. Working in small sections, after you have applied a manageable portion, use your brush to work the dye into the carpet fibers using semicircular strokes. Repeat the process until the whole carpet is covered. Let the dye dry for at least 24 hours and there you have it! A brand-new look.

If you do not really want to change the overall look of your carpets but you are tired of seeing stubborn stains lingering, why not give Carpet Stretch and Rescue a call! One of our specialties is carpet patching. Sometimes, there are stains that just are not going to come out. But that ​ does not mean you have to live with them! We can cut and replace the unsightly carpet piece so that it looks as if nothing happened.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 4-9-2020


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