How to Remove Dents from Carpet

How to Remove Dents from Carpet

People often move into their new homes, set their furniture up, and then forget about it. This is great until people are moving furniture and discover that the carpet underneath their furniture has dents in it. Carpet Stretch and Rescue knows how frustrating that can be, especially when you want to move furniture around the way that you want to. Our carpet experts are ready to assist you. Let us talk about three main ways to remove dents.

Ice Cubes

If you are looking for a simple way to remove dents, this is it. Just put a few ice cubes on your dented areas and allow them to sit for a minimum of four hours. For larger dents, you should let the ice cubes sit for around 12 hours. The secret to this trick is that the melting water will make carpet fibers swell back to their original height. After your ice cubes have sat for the desired time, get a sponge or towel, and blot up remaining water. Then take a coin or something similar to raise any suppressed carpet fibers.

Blow Dry

If ice cubes do not work, try to blow dry your carpet. You should get a spray bottle and wet the dented area well. Then use the blow dryer to put some volume back into your carpet fibers. While you are blow drying your carpet, be sure to fluff up your carpet fibers like you would do your hair.


You should be careful with this option but ironing your carpet can get rid of dents. You should simply place a slightly damp towel across your dent. Then iron the towel on medium heat. Be sure not to let the iron touch the carpet itself because you do not want to burn your carpet. After you have finished, vacuum your carpet so that it looks as good as new.

You do not have to be stuck with dents. By taking a few minutes to get rid of them, your carpet can look its best again. Carpet Stretch and Rescue cares about all your carpet needs. We want to make certain that your carpet stays in top-notch shape. If you need more serious repairs, call us today for professional services you can trust. Our team is here to help with ripped or torn carpets. We can also take care of urine stains, balding spots, and more.

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 9-24-2020


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