Pros and Cons of Saxony Carpet

Pros and Cons of Saxony Carpet

At Carpet Stretch and Rescue, we have experience mending all sorts of carpet. But most homeowners do not get new carpet enough to be well versed in all the different terms. That is why today we will be discussing one style of carpet in particular: Saxony.

What is Saxony?

Saxony is one of the most popular styles of carpet today. You can recognize it by its straight, even cut lengths. This style of carpet is a traditional cut-pile. If you are familiar with our Frieze discussion here on our blog, just as a comparison, Saxony will be a shorter cut style than that of Frieze. It comes in a range of complementary colors and has two main sub styles: straight and textured.

This style of carpet is plush, soft, and elegant. Some of the reasons that this carpeting is among the most popular of choices today.


Saxony is a great, timeless choice for many areas of the home. Years down the road, this carpet will still look in style. Add to that the fact that it comes in a pleasing array of color choices, is durable, and is plush and soft and you have yourself a great investment for your money.


One of the main cons regarding Saxony is the fact that it is not the most exciting of style choices. People who crave a bit more personality would most likely want to choose a different style. Afterall, saxony is designed to blend in with the background of your home. In addition to that, Saxony will tend to show traffic marks. But that is easily solved.

As with anything, there are good sides and downsides. If you are considering replacing your carpets, hopefully this will help you to analyze both sides. However, if you are considering replacing your carpets because you think that is your only option, Carpet Stretch and Rescue is here to tell you it is not! Our stretching and patching services can take sad, old carpet and make them look almost brand new. If you are curious to get a free quote, give us a call today!

By Carpet Stretch and Rescue 11-23-2020


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