Should I Clean my Carpet before stretching

“I should clean my carpet first right?” It’s a common question and the answer may surprise you. Your first inclination may be that cleaning the carpets after stretching will cause the wrinkles to return. This is a common myth. It is actually wiser to stretch your carpets before getting them cleaned, as it makes it easier to give the carpet a complete cleaning. Let us take a look further into why.

Cleaning Wrinkled Carpet

Have you ever tried cleaning a carpet that is loose? It can be very difficult. When you vacuum or attempt to sweep the carpet or rug it often bunches it up. This can be very frustrating and it can become nearly impossible to get a good cleaning with a vacuum or broom. When your carpet cleaner comes in to clean they will face the same challenges. They may attempt to clean your carpet the best they can, but the ripples will prevent your carpet from getting the most thorough cleaning.

Cleaning After Stretching

You may find that after stretching wrinkles left unattended for a long time can lead to some small issues. Many feel that the wrinkles would not bother them or the carpet. Some may even conclude that repairing the carpet would just be too expensive and maybe too difficult. No matter the cause, they eventually decide to repair or replace the carpet. When choosing to stretch after a long period of time, sometimes visible lines will show up. You can relate this to bending a piece of paper in half, unfolding that paper and then letting it sit flat on the table. There is a crease left where the paper is folded. What is the solution for this problem? By cleaning the carpet after stretching it, the lines should disappear. This will lead to your carpet looking brand new.

You Stretch Your Carpet before Cleaning It

If you want the best possible clean for your carpet and do not want to risk those visible lines after pulling it tight; clean it after stretching. When your carpet is stretched properly you don’t have to worry about wrinkles returning. There is no risk of those wrinkles returning due to cleaning. You can have confidence that stretching the carpet first is the best decision. It will lead to extending your carpets life span and the best cleaning possible.



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