Should I Repair or Replace my Carpet

“This carpet was installed less than 5 years ago, I can’t believe it already needs to be replaced!” These feelings are often shared by many homeowners. These same homeowners are unware that carpet repair can be the effective and affordable option. But is it really that affordable?

Replacement Cost

The following are some of the factors that go into the price of carpet replacement:

  • Carpet
  • Tear Out
  • Disposal
  • Padding
  • Installation

As you can imagine it all adds up. Replacement can bring you to a price range from $9/square yard all the way up to $40+ a square yard. It really depends on your budget and the quality of the carpet you choose. Most homeowners prefer mid-grade to high mid-grade carpet that is soft, plush and also sturdy. If you fit in that category you are looking at $20-30/square yard. That means a 13×13 room would cost anywhere between $400-600 for brand new carpet, which is not very affordable.

What about Carpet Repair?

So how does carpet repair measure up to the costs of full replacement? Well let’s take a look atcarpet stretching first. There are not a bunch of factors with carpet stretching. We will bring all the tools we need. Carpet Stretch and Rescue charges .38 cents a square foot. Thanks to our tools and expertise stretching that same 13×13 room would cost roughly $60-70 to repair. That’s a savings of $300-500! This would be a much more affordable option and you extend the life of your carpet making your original investment that much more valuable.

Carpet patching can be just as affordable. If you have a carpet stain that just will not come out do not fret! You do not need to replace the entire room. With a brand new patch your carpet can look as good as new. Is it affordable? A carpet patch can range from $40-$150 depending on the size. That is still much more affordable than a full room replacement. You would be looking at a cost savings of anywhere between $300-500. Yes even carpet patching would be much more effective and easier on the wallet!

Are you still on the fence (or should we say seam)? We can assure you that carpet repair is an affordable option. We back our work with a lifetime guarantee. GiveCarpet Stretch and Rescuea call for your free quote today and find out how much you can save.



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